2018 Conference is September 16-18
Blue Mountain in Collingwood

C0-operating | Connecting | Collaboration

Check out one of our keynote speakers, David Mead, Expert “Start With Why” Facilitator:


“David Mead believes that every one of us deserves to wake up inspired to go to work, feel safe while we’re there, and come home at the end of the day fulfilled by the work we do. He works with leaders to help them create an environment where people show up to work because they want to, not because they have to. In fact, everything David does is designed to propel people to be a little more than they were the day before, so they can do more good in the world. David has taken his years of practice and co-authored a new book with Simon Sinek, Find Your Why, a step-by-step, practical guide on how to discover the Why for any individual, team or organization.”

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