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Privacy Policy for CUMA Event Registration

CUMA collects personal information from you when you register for CUMA's conference. By registering for this event you consent to your personal information being used and disclosed by CUMA in the following situations: to administer CUMA and any events held by or in relation to CUMA; to contact you to provide you with information about CUMA and industry events and sponsorship opportunities for CUMA events; to publish an attendee list for events with your contact information to distribute to all attendees of the event. The attendee list may also be used by sponsors to contact attendees about the sponsor's organizations or events; to publish contact business information including email addresses for members on the CUMA website.

You have the option to refuse the collection of personal information and subject to certain legal or contractual restriction and reasonable notice, to withdraw your consent to the continued use and disclosure by CUMA of information previously collected. You may withdraw your consent by writing to the Privacy officer at the address of CUMA. Please note that such refusal or withdraw may render CUMA unable to provide you with membership or participation in certain events or with certain events or with certain CUMA services.

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